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About Us

Since opening the doors to ARTiPLAQ in March 2004, owner-operator, Scott Thomas has been ARTiPLAQ™ -mounting prints for customers of the independently owned ARTiPLAQ™ dealers listed on this website, and for professional photographers and corporate marketing departments around the country. Valuing the trust of customers' art, Scott is dedicated to providing a great product and excellent service.

Word spread out about ARTiPLAQ's quality craftsmanship. As a result he accepts orders via mail and the internet from individuals who are not located near one of their authorized dealers. Scott values the Artiplaq's long term relationships with ARTiPLAQ dealers and encourages local customers to shop at Dealer stores. (ARTiPLAQ™ mounts for authorized Dealers at their South Portland manufacturing facility.)

Thanks for visiting this webpage. Scott and his team look forward to ARTiPLAQ mounting your prints!