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ARTiPLAQ custom plaque mounts prints permanently, using high quality DRYTAC adhesive and laminating films and a smooth wood substrate. The ARTiPLAQ™ process has been proven and perfected over a span of 45 years. Made in our workshop in Maine, using lumber industry by-products, and the best adhesive and laminating films available, ARTiPLAQ™ will protect your photographs, nautical charts, posters, prints, maps, awards, kids' art and more, for years to come. All ARTiPLAQs are custom made to order. There are no returns.

ARTiPLAQ™ is a permanent process and cannot be undone. You may not want to ARTiPLAQ™ original artwork that might increase in value or anything that is irreplaceable.

We try very, very, hard to make sure your print is mounted to your complete satisfaction. Unfortunately, once in a great while, we make a mistake. If you have mailed us a print and we have made a mistake in the mounting process, we will make every attempt to correct it or secure a replacement print up to $100. When shipping your prints to us, we request you track and insure your package so you know when it arrived.

Most any print on any paper can be ARTiPLAQ'd. Whatever you decide to plaq however, will change permanently when bonded to the wooden substrate and sealed with our laminate film. These changes are good, but the process cannot be reversed. Over-lamination of art work causes a slight reduction of color contrast. Close comparison, of an original print to one over-laminated with our matte "Artishield" film, reveals a perceptible reduction in vibrancy, particularly with whites and pastel colors.Our “Artsheild” film has UV filters to prevent it from yellowing. Once your print is ARTiPLAQ’d, it is sealed from the environment and protected from humidity, and other elements in the air that would otherwise fade, yellow or wrinkle it. Direct sunlight may still cause your ARTiPLAQ’d print to fade. Low quality inks and papers, or incompatible inks and papers will also result in premature fading, and our over-laminate process cannot prevent that. 

ARTiPLAQs are meant to hang flat on an interior wall, using the recommended screw and anchor. They are not meant to be hung by wire. Like any piece of wooden furniture, ARTiPLAQs will absorb moisture, if not properly hung. Since the front side of the plaque is sealed and the back side is not, it is important your screw is turned to the appropriate depth to prevent air from circulating around the back side. Not too tight and not too loose is perfect. Additionally, a consistent room temperature is preferred. Click how to hang your ARTiPLAQ.

We promote our product as an affordable alternative to custom framing. As long as you are using quality inks and paper, we are certain you will be very happy with the product. And for folks ARTiPLAQ’ing newsprint and kid’s art, we are certain they’ll be happy with their plaques for years to come too. So, other than putting your print in a vault or donating it to a Museum— consider ARTiPLAQ your fabulous alternative for protecting your prints. On the rare occasion a package is damaged in transit, please save the packaging and call us at (207) 772-2025 or email us. We will make arrangements for FedEx Ground to retrieve the package and promptly get to work on your replacement.