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We ship only within the United States and US Teritories from this website.

We base our shipping prices on the single largest piece in your order, the rest ride free. So the best shipping deal is to order more than one piece.

Custom Shipping Prices: (As of 8/13/17)

  • Items 10Ui to 60Ui = $18
  • Items 61Ui to 80Ui = $60
  • Items 81Ui to 144Ui = $120

We base our sizes on the UNITED INCH (Ui). To determine United Inch, simply ADD the length PLUS the width of your print's finished size. Example: a 24" x 36" poster =  60Ui

We ship UPS Ground and will need a physical address, daytime phone and email. 

On the rare occasion a package is damaged in transit, please SAVE ALL PACKAGING and TAKE DIGITAL PICTURES of the damaged product, protective packaging and box. Please call us (207)772-2025 or email us at info@artiplaq.com and we will file a claim with UPS. Unfortunately, it is a bit of a process. Here are the UPS instructions on digital pictures they need. (Just do your best, that is fine.) UPS Ground may retrieve the product and all the packaging and will let us know. We'll get to work on your replacement. If we have mounted a print you shipped to us, we will make every attempt to secure a replacement print up to $100.

Shipping to us?

If you are shipping your art to us to us, please track and insure the package you ship us so you know when it arrives. Please include a copy of your completed work order so we can easily identify your prints upon arrival and get right to work.

Packaging Suggestions:

Please ship your art securely. We accept prints rolled or flat. 

If shipping prints in a tube, tape the cover on both ends. It is best NOT to use a rubber band, but rather let the prints expand inside the tube shape.

If shipping large prints flat, package to protect the corners if dropped in transit. The best way is to: Lay the prints on a flat sheet of cardboard that is larger than your print(s). Secure the print corners, in triangular paper pockets, taped to the cardboard. THEN sandwich THAT cardboard between two larger pieces of cardboard and ship. 

We do not recommend shipping a large quantity of prints in the US Post Office's free priority mail triangular 'tubes.' The card board is not thick enough. If you are mailing a small envelope USPS, include cardboard and mark the envelope 'do not bend.'  We receive mailed envelopes, packages and tubes daily from USPS. Over 99% of the time they arrive safely, so don't worry, just pack securely.