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Caring for your ARTiPLAQ™

ARTiPLAQ™  products are intended for interior use only and meant to hang flat on the wall, not on a wire.

The backside of an ARTiPLAQ™  is porous and the front side is sealed. That is why it is meant to lay flat on the wall. Artiplaq's wood substrates, like any wood furniture, absorbs moisture, so a consistent room temperature is recommended. That being said, generally speaking, ARTiPLAQ™ s work well in bathrooms and kitchens because even though the room gets humid, it consistently dries out, and is not facing long periods of extreme temperature fluctuations. 
When you close up your unheated summer cottage for winter, we recommend you remove your large nautical chart or ARTiPLAQ™ -mounted poster from the wall and lay it face down on a rug or smooth table. It will flatten out in the cold dry winter air and be ready for your return next summer.
Compared to a print mounted on foam core and hung a frame, your ARTiPLAQ™  print will not buckle, waffle or wrinkle. It is encapsulated inside the plaque.
You can clean your ARTiPLAQ™  with Windex.