Welcome to Alaska!

We have yet to load Alaska charts on our new website, so here's is a link to NOAA's chart viewer, where you can view charts and get your chart number.

To purchase an ARTiPLAQ mounted Alaska chart, email us at, and we'll give you a price quote and tell you the size.
Please include where you want it shipped, so we can quote the cost of shipping. (We ship FedEx Ground and will need a physical address.)

We'll print a current NOAA nautical chart using archival inks and paper. We crop the chart leaving a 1 inch white margin outside the perimeter of the black line or you can specify cropping. The most popular is our standard 'Plaq Mount' style with the standard bevel with a black edge, but we have other styles.

Sizes of charts vary, but the average is 35" x 46". A number of Alaska charts are larger. The cost depends on the size of the chart. We base our prices on the finished size.

Our turn around time is two weeks, plus shipping.